The Beat Goes On

“The arts to our son meant everything,” said Heather Coiro P’17. “It meant he was able to pursue his talents in art and music in college. It gave him the drive and determination to play in multiple orchestras in New York City and in the Columbia University orchestra in college.” 

Michael ’17, a gifted percussionist, had a transformational experience in Peddie arts. To honor that and to enhance the experience of future generations of Peddie artists, John ’87 and Heather have made a capital pledge to support the expansion of Swig Arts Center, and will be naming the balcony in the new music performance space. 

“As parents, we’ve really enjoyed the view from the balcony and enjoyed watching many Peddie students find their voice through fine arts and music at Peddie. But for this to continue, the space must grow and change,” they said. 

The Coiros admire Plato’s words: “I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly, music. For the patterns in music and all of the arts are the keys to learning.” 

Indeed, Michael emphasizes that the rewards he reaped from Peddie arts go well beyond simply learning the notes. 

“What I learned from Peddie arts, beyond just technique, is confidence,” he said. “Not just confidence in myself, but in my craft, and the ability to take the techniques I have learned and apply them in meaningful ways, whether it be in a group setting or as solo improvisation.”

We hope you will continue dreaming about what you want Peddie to be in 25 years.

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