Double Your Dollars for Peddie Faculty – Up to $1M

The influence of a Peddie teacher can and often does last throughout a student’s life, and attracting and retaining the best faculty is at the very heart of our school’s mission. 

The Peddie Fund and the endowment underwrite every aspect of faculty support, including salaries, benefits and development. They provide the resources to set our students on a journey of adventure and discovery and challenge them to reach for the highest qualities of citizenship.

Make a commitment to our most important asset: our faculty. We’re aiming to achieve 100% participation — at any level.


A group of loyal parents have pooled their new dual gifts to The Peddie Fund and the endowment for faculty and will match your gift. Make a pledge or cash gift to The Peddie Fund or the endowment for faculty before June 30, 2023. All gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar until the challenge is fulfilled. Qualifying gifts include all new cash gifts, wire transfers and pledges for these priorities. 

“The Peddie experience has transformed the lives of our children forever. There is no greater gift for parents than to see their children thrive. A gift to The Peddie Fund or the endowment for faculty will allow Peddie to continue to provide this transformative education to future generations of children.”

— Domingo and Jenny Garcia P’17 ’20 ’23

What do you want Peddie to be in 25 years?

Now it’s your turn to invest in the best future for Peddie and inspire others to join you.

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