Holistic Health

Balance is a skill that Peddie students and employees can carry with them, and pull from, all their lives. Established in 2019, the Hari Moorthy and Lavanya Hari P’22 Goldman Sachs Fund for Mindfulness & Meditation sets Peddie up for success in attaining balance.

This endowed fund makes mindfulness and meditation programs, workshops and experiences accessible to all students, and also offers professional development and training for employees. Hari and Lavanya’s clear vision and generosity are a vital investment in the health of our community. 

“We believe mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga are an integral part of a holistic education in developing future leaders to the world,” they said. “With the thriving academic and cultural environment at Peddie, we are eager to see such mindfulness practices become an integral part of the curriculum in the future.” 

We hope you will continue dreaming about what you want Peddie to be in 25 years.

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