An Investment in Peddie

Peddie was life-changing for Parent Chairs Jenny and Domingo Garcia P’17 ’20 ’23 and their three sons — and this is what galvanizes the couple to help keep the school on the move.

“The case for the campaign is so compelling,” Jenny asserted. “This is a phenomenal school. Why wouldn’t you want to give back? You want your school to continue on its trajectory. 

“In the seven years that we’ve been a part of the Peddie family we’ve seen the school continually improve, continually challenge its members to really step up, and we’re so proud of that,” she continued. 

Right now, philanthropy makes especially good sense, Domingo added. “If you have securities that have appreciated in value, you can give the full amount to Peddie on a pre-tax basis. It’s a double tax benefit: You still get the credit for the full value of the security for your charitable deduction, but you can give Peddie more because you don’t have to pay the tax on your appreciated gain anymore.”

Jenny and Domingo believe Peddie is well worth the investment. “It’s been a place where our boys have grown, they’ve developed, they’ve evolved, and it’s difficult not to be invested and willing to contribute to a community that’s so critical and so important in the development of our children,” Domingo said. “In my mind, the campaign is all about keeping Peddie the place it’s grown to be and helping it evolve.”

What do you want Peddie to be in 25 years?

Now it’s your turn to invest in the best future for Peddie and inspire others to join you.

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